Saturday, January 12, 2013

Getting to know me

Hey everyone!

Since I am so new to this whole blog world, I thought that a "get to know me" kinda tag would be appropriate. I saw this on Louise's page (Sprinkle of Glitter) and it looked exactly like what I wanted to do. (Not gonna lie, this whole putting-yourself-out-there thing is EXTREMELY nerve-wrecking). But here goes!    

 Age: 20s  

 Bed Size: Queen 

Chore you Hate: Vacuuming 

Dogs: Malamute or husky  

Essential start of your day: Earl Gray tea or coffee  

Favourite Colour: Orange, lavender, blue. I don't judge

Gold or Silver: Gold

 Height: 5'5"

Instruments I play: None, unfortunately  

Job Title: Customer service 

Kids: None yet

Live: Florida  

Mum's name:  ....  

Nickname: Sharnz 

 Pet Peeve: Tardiness, people chewing with their mouths open

Quote from a movie: Horrible Bosses "You crazy bitch whore!" -cracks me up every time

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings: Younger sister

 Time you wake up: With the sun, usually  

Underwear: Boyshorts

Vegetables you dislike: Cooked carrots. Disgusting things

What makes you run late: I'm never late. Like EVER. But I were, I guess traffic would be the reason.

  X-rays you've had done: Teeth and wrist

Yummy food you make: Anything. Not boasting but I'm a pretty decent cook. ;)

Zoo animal: Peacocks.


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