Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend fun: Bradenton

Hey everyone!

 This past weekend we went to Bradenton, Fl to visit a friend who recently bought a house close to the water. I'd only been to a beach on the Gulf of Mexico once before and didn't remember how green the water is.

So pretty. And that jet ski was so tempting since someone just left it there... tsk tsk.

Hostess and Friends

 After lunch by the water,  (this lady had let her Great Dane run amuck where it proceeded to steal food from a picnicking family), we went sight seeing on Anna Maria Island where we found this cute little coffee/ antique shop called Ginny and Janie's. 

Such a heavy cake dome. You'd have to desperately want a piece of cake to even want to open it

Jellyfish and starfish Christmas ornaments. 


(How weird is this thing?! I loved it!!)

Hope you guys had a good weekend! 


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